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    Just wanted to get other Juniors/Explorers views on the recent event in Webster, MA. There is quite an extensive forum going on right now in firefighters forums, but I wanted to see what you all think. I personally think it is one of the most stupidest decisions. I understand police have a hard enough job as it is, as well as we do(or will), but that was crossing the line. Now, friends of ours lives are put on the line because of one stupid action. I think you got to have the public trust, or your job means nothing to them. Now theres one more thing to add to the dangerous job that it is. It will be nice to see some of your feedback on this, as well as the firefighters that have already posted on the firefighters sections.

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    I agree. It was an incredibly stupid thing to do. We work hard to gain the publics loyalty, trust, and appreciation. I know in my school at least everyone loves us firefighters, but hates the police. Having the police masquerade as us, makes that change. Giving us a bad image, as untrustworthy sneaky bastards.

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    I agree, firefighters should not be used to catch criminals. If the criminals house is on fire, put it out, but leave the nabbing to the cops. Most firefighters are not trained in police tactics so what if someone got trigger happy and pulled a gun? What would the firefighters do then? Hit 'em with their pike pole? I think that the police and fire leaders made a very bad choice by allowing this, and by saying that they may use it again in the future is no better. You're right, FD's are going to get a bad rap for this, and people will lose faith in them. They definetly crossed the line here.

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