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    Post Explorer/Junior Association

    I was checking out some posts made last year, and I saw the forum on Explorer/Junior Association. Ive had this idea for a while and seeing some responses on that, I had the idea to get this rolling again and actually get something started. What does everyone think, and what are some ideas you have on it? I would like to get everyones opinion and help in getting this going. We could have newsletters, webpage, patches, etc. Ive been trying to get a little organization started in my county, and Im just about done with the webpage, just gotta add the content, check it out www.geocities.com/onondagacounty. Let me know what you think about a national organization and how we can get started.

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    I think it's a great idea but, it would take some major planning *and likely the help of a sponsor.* I have little clubs on Bolt and Yahoo for explorers/juniors but, something on a larger scale would be nice. BTW, GREAT page!! I would love to be involved in planning if you think it's "do-able" and want to go ahead with it. Let me know if ya want.

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    Yeah, I volunteered to do the newsletter last year and let me tell ya--I'd had so much cafine that day that I was bouncing off the walls. I do have a sticker design made up and ready to scan, but the damn thing won't attach to e-mail or anything. I'll keep trying.


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    I think it is a great idea! If you need any help just tell me what to do and I will help ya out!

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    i think it is a great idea

    ill help email me at fireb92@hotmail.com

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    I think its a great idea

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    Great Idea...Hope you can get it started...If my post can help at all contact me

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    It's a terrific idea. Count me in, need any help let me know. My Email is Akula384@home.com

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