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    Question Any Class of 2002 seniors???/after HS plans

    Evening folks...
    Just wondering if there are any class of 2002 seniors on this forum. If so, what are you plans for your senior year, and after High School, any futher work with the fire dept or will you guys press on to other things. Personaly, After high school, go to a two year school pick up some credits and maybe a EMT class or two. Then go on to Major in Meteorology. Goal to become National Weather Service meteorologist or TV broadcast meteorologist at least, still will be involved with Fire/Emergency Services at some compacity.

    WHat is your plan for you graduating seniors or class of 2002.

    Truxton FD

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    the air farce wants me but im thinking about becoming a brush bunny for forest service

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    I graduate in 2002. I plan on continuing to go strong as a volunteer, getting all the experience and training possible through the school year. After I graduate, I plan on working and possibly moving into the station.

    Soon after I plan on enrolling in an Emergency Service type degree at a college up north while at the same time working/volunteering at a department somewhere in the area near the college.

    I have a family tradition to keep up so I hope to one day come back and work at my home town department where my dad works and my grandfather retired from.

    Thats my plans

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    After I graduate next year, I intend on becoming a computer specialist (both programmer and technician) for some big company. I intend on staying a vollie until I die, I hope someday to be Chief of a department. I also will most likely go for EMT classes and work my way up that until I am a certified paramedic. It's something I wanna do, though firefighting will always reign supreme in my book.

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    Tech school for 2 years in Computer Electronics. I still want to volunteer as much as I can.

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    I am planning on ending my high school career strong and taking FFI next spring. I'm going to take a year off between high school and college to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, go to Europe, and of course run as many calls as possible. I'm trying to go to any Ivy League college for five years to study architecture, hopefully in an area with a vollie department in the vicinity. I wish you all the best of luck in your future.

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    I cannot wait to graduate next year!! Right now I am thinking either military or paramedic but I have not made up my mind yet.
    Station 27

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