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    Default The Dynamic Junior Fire Fighter

    This great business in which we are now involved, the American fire service, is forever changing. New ideas on fighting fire, medical services, and HAZMAT are miaking this a very dynamic industry.

    What are Cadet programs and Explorer posts doing to keep their juniors just as ahead of the curve as their big brothers and sisters? I hope everything in their power. Fresh minds must be filled and refilled with fresh ideas to keep them ahead of the game. The fire service is changing.

    Changing how it responds, how it treats patients, and how it reacts to the public. Response times are faster now than they were 10 years ago. Why? Improved ideas that are now common practice. The treatment of patients is better than previous years. Why? Because new ideas were improved apon to become common practice. Public reaction is just now changing. Chief Brunacini in Phoenix is revoluntionizing the way the fire service does business with the public by adopting a business like procudure that only has two words: "Be Nice." Eventually, this too will become common practice.

    So I ask Cadet programs and Explorer posts to be dynamic, and change with the times. The bucket brigades and horse-drawn steam engines are gone, it's time to cast eyes to the future, the future of fire fighting.

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    I'm all for a progressive fire service including jr.'s. But Jr.'s are here to learn and you can't build a building without a foundation. If they are not proficent in the basics they can not excel in the advanced. Not that Jr.'s shouldn't learn some of the tricks of the trade but learn the trade first.
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    Engine, I can not agree with you anymore! You said that perfectly and I am glad to see that you are also a supporter of Brunacini! Let's just sit back and enjoy the growth of new technology and new ideas. Stay safe out there boys and girls. Peace to the end! Im gone!

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