My explorer post was past of the 'Heartland 100 BBQ Cook-off". was did lots of fun stuff like traffic control and fire aid. We were also one of four teams ( Olathe Fire Dept., Olathe Fire Explorers, Johnson county Dist. 2 Fire Dept., and the Med-Act/Dist. 2 Explorer -- thats us!!--)in the first annual fire muster at the cook-off. Olathe Fire Department was the over-all winners in the group, but there was one catch, maybe one-and-a-half. They beat us in the bucket brigade by only thirty seconds and we beat them in the event that you use the fire hose to push the berrel along the line kinda like reverse tug of war ( it's late and i've forgotten the name of that.) So anyways, my post is pretty psyched about beating the and placing third. Just wanted to share that, so thats all i have for now.