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    Default we need gear

    Does any one know if any stations in south jersey are selling or throwing away their gear. My explorer post needs gear we dont have any gear.please contact me at
    i live in glouster county new jersey

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    If you could raise the funds for shipping and handling.... I'm sure we could send you some of our old gear.... We were getting rid of it anyway... Nothing is nice... Its all the heavy older stuff and mismatched... We just bought the brand new canadian stuff and our cadets are getting the hand me down janesville gear which is still in good condition... have your people email my people at and We shall see what we can do... I don't know if we even still have all of our old stuff because I haven't been there in four months (long story)....But we will work together and try to help.....
    Adam Spencer
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    Unfortunately these days dept.s don't give away used gear anymore, and our dept. is one of them. The main reason is law suits. These days everyone will sue everybody for anything, so if we give you bunker gear and you get injured because of the gear, we could get sued. I'm sorry I couldn't help.

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    pfr: Isn't this a sad state of affairs? I have defended these types of suits for years. Sometimes for no fee, because of the injustice they cause to good well meaning people who were just trying to help and be charitable. What would help would be a GOOD SAMARITAN law for these kinds of gifts.
    Bob Compton

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