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    Default Injuries and medical bills, who pays?

    If a Explorer, Junior Firefighter, or Cadet in your program or department is hurt in training or if allowed, on a scene, who is responsible to pay for their medical bills? Do you have insurance for that or are the Explorer's parents expected to cover the cost of the medical treatment?

    This is something very important for my department to answer. Any help you give will be greatly appreciated.
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    In my volunteer department, everyone, even the volunteers, are considered employees of the county. All members receive yearly physicals no matter what their role, and cannot stay active if a problem arises. Since everyone is technically an employee, everyone is covered by the department's insurance. The only way a member wouldn't be covered is if they were doing something they shouldn't be, like an Explorer doing interior attack.
    Hope that helps.
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    If you are a fire explorer and if you are injured at a training situtation that is sanactioned by BSA, then they will cover the bill. Hope that helps out


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