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    I'm currently in my first semester of college and an explorer. my post has four sponsors , the local fire dept. the police dept, the medics, and the county emergency management. since we are overseen by just on entity, we operated differently, we dont run calls of any kind unless we happen to be at the station that day as part of a ridalong program. the fire dept doesn't have jr's and i was wondering if there was such a this as like and intership or if that was pretty much what the jr's were.
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    Unfortunally in the KC area there isnt much internships being offered to college students wanting into the fire service. What you can do is once you get your FF1 and 2 and your EMT, is become a volunteer firefighter with the Depts in Johnson Co or Wyandotte Co. I know that Bonner Springs is going to have a new recruit class starting in October, and they will give you the training for FF and even pay for the state exam. I know that Fire District #1 out in Gardner, has a fire residence program, where you move into one of their stations and put in like 50 hours a week.

    Good Luck with the education.


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    Okay Buddy....Here ya go...hope this will help...

    Down here where I live...You can do the internship thing.... We have sleeping quarters and you start out as a rookie with 40 hours probie time.....then you are allowed to run calls. I mean literally as in fighting fire and med calls and all that stuff.... You work it out with the chief you dont get paid....your room and boarding is your pay... you run calls whenever you are at the station... and do basic chores... you pay 50 bucks for FFI and FF2...and I dunno how much for your EMT...but the rest we is done at the station.... You get alot of experience and we are currently needing volunteers...LIKE BAD!!! we are three hours south of KC... You won't see tons of action like you do up there....but we manage our own with around 1500 calls a year.....running out of four stations with some shift guys and other volunteers....check us out....

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