To some it may look like a tangle of hose but to me it looks like you guys had multiple water sources (I counted 3 in the pix: Tankers, a drafting engine and a really neat portapump from the pool)which is sound firefighting practice of not having all you water supply "eggs" in one "basket". May look like a mess but if one source fails you still have water.

The others have all given very wise advice to overcome your fear/anxiety. I would imagine that all of us felt some trepidation upon using an SCBA for the first few times (or even first few dozen) I am sure overtime and with some steady practice you will get through it. Try wearing one around the station while doing normal tasks like washing a truck, waxing the floors or something so that it will get to be second nature using the unit. I also took scuba diving lessons eventually and that helped me as there are a lot of similarities.

Oops..forgot to post ON TOPIC...My first was a basement fire that went up into a wall and was heading for the attic(gotta love balloon construction). Was on the knob and I remember it was quite a rush to actually flow water on an uncontrolled fire. I kept the fire in check until more help arrived and then a more experienced crew took the knob and was used to open up and look for extension. I was on top of the world for days after.

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