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    Default Graduation Project

    i am doing my high school graduation project on: the changes of firefighting equipment. I.E. gear, trucks hoses etc...
    Does anybody have any iformation abouit these changes. if so can you email them to me
    fyrefyghter10@hotmail.com thanks alot
    Brian Cirard

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    I don't want to be a smart *** -- but isn't part of a graduation/research project, conducting research??

    I don't want to 'help' too much - but there are many things that are glaring changes - and you have already mentioned three of them,

    GEAR - The fire service has seen a transition from 3/4 length coats and pull-up boots, with no airpack to what we have today. Full turnout gear consisting of a coat and bunker pants, boots, gloves, hood,helmet and SCBA. Older coats were made of cotton duck treated with water repellent. Current coats are made of aramid fabrics that are flame-resistant.

    TRUCKS - Trucks have changed measurably. Gasoline engines are no longer standard, but rather diesel engines. Manual transmissions are rarely found - but automatics have become standard to allow the driver to divert more of his attention to driving the vehicle through traffic. Fully enclosed cabs, with seatbelts are now the norm. Whereas several years ago firefighters could be found riding the tailboard of apparatus.

    HOSE - Have you ever tried to fold double-jacketed cotton hose? The progression from cotton to synthetic / rubber hoses. Increasingly larger sizes of hose that allow for the movement of larger volumes of water.

    I could go on and on....

    And this is all just what you mentioned... seems like you need to do a little research.

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