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    Default Preparing for a career in firefighting

    I was just curious on what everyone is doing to prepare for firefighting. There arent many options that CO has for starting out early such as explorers and things like that were I live. In CO you just have to wait until youre old enough. Any ideas or sugestions? Anything would be helpful.
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    well with being a young fireman at the ripe age of 19 .
    here's a couple tips
    #1. work out and stay in shape(this is important because when you take your psycal test it will help)
    #2. stay determined and set goals( if your truely wannna be a firefighter go ask some firefighters whats it like and maybe job shadow them for a day)
    #3. ASK QUESTIONS (it's a excellent way of learning not only about the occupation before you jump it plus it lets the firefighter know your interested. )
    #4. go up to the chief in the local district and say look i'm (state your age) is there anyway i can help or do anything. you might get non-fire jobs( like cleaning bathrooms,or washing trucks) but it will get you in the fire house. plus when you go to join as a regular fireman not only you'll know all the guys at the f.d. plus you'll know some of the chores.
    #5 hang in there. your time will come. I remember when i was 16 and 17 and 18(they didn't want me to join till i graduated) so at the end of the summer after i graduated i applied at the f.d. and got accepted. for first couple years you'll get picked on cause your a rookie but that's typical at all fire depts.

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