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    Lightbulb Explorer Mock Disasters

    Several posts in my area are organizing a mock disaster for next spring, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for a mock disaster or info on any that your post has taken part in. I would greatly appreciate any input.
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    I've been in on school bus accidents, plane crash multiple injuries, plane crash Haz-mat rad. and chem. haz-mat combined realy cool. Those are the big ones I remeber, but any large drill is great, people on all levels usaly walk away with something from grunts all the way up the command level.
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    my explorer post has taken part in F.A.S.T. trainning a mass search and rescue i haven't been to any other ones but that sry if i didn't help to much
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    As 570 said a good one is a school bus accident....smoke the bus strap on packs and drag out the "victims". Also preparing for a train disaster may also be a good idea. You think it may never happen but a department relatively close to mine responded to a level 3 MCI train accident this past winter...so be prepared and stay safe!
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    We have had 2 events which we have had success with. The first one utilized Explorers only as victims but was a water based Mass Casualty Drill. This involved a simulated boat fire with response from another town's Fireboat and the US Coast Guard (by boat and helicopter)as well as our local Marine Police. Victims were then brought to land and the waiting ambulances and transported to the hospital.

    The second used Explorers as the primary rescue force and was a simulated missing person incident on the grounds of both a local home for the elderly and our state university across the street. This featured a missing elderly male with health problems. Once located by teams of explorers the victim had to be moved via stokes basket back to the command post aprox 1/2 mile away (and across a small river).

    We had to cancel last years scenario drill due to the west nile scare, wet weather & the closing of several local woodland parks.

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    We hold a couple disaster drills one for instance, was we were "victims" in confined spaces while search dogs we and rescued us. We did it in an old concrete junk yard. The cool one is Del Val Disaster Day. We fight Pallet house fires, cut line, repell, and cut cars up. we get like 3-4 fires durung the day, and it was really cool. We not only have L.A. County posts, but City orange county, ventura county, and a few other smaller posts come. it's really fun.

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