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    Red face Explorer Academy's

    I was wondering if L.A. County and City were the only explorers who had explorer certification academy's. If you do what do you do? and what do you guys do for your explorer meetings? If you don't really have a set meeting schedual try this one.
    9:00-10:00 Physical Training (stretching and running, with pushups)
    10:00-11:00 Classroom lecture/testing
    11:00-12:00 Manipulative training. (ex. ladder stations, hose lays, B.A.'s etc)

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    You guys are not alone. I have been an advisor for the past 4 years and got my start with the FD through Explorers. In Broward County Fl we have an Explorers academy every summer. After sucessful completion you can take the state test and get a Fl volunteer fire cert. The only real difference between this and the minimum fire standards class is the amount of hours spent on each subject. The class is 3mo long and 160 hrs as opposed to the 460 min standards. It is for all high school age Explorers and is worth one high school credit. What about yours?
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    Way back when we used to get ff1 cert's but it changed and now we just get certified to ride a long. We don't get school credit, although sherrif explorers in our area do, it's o.k. though I just like being there, if i got a ff1 or school credits, it would be a bonus. If we really do want our ff1's they will help us get them though so it's all around benificial for everyone.

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    In CT at the CT Fire Academy there is an overnight 5 day camp for Explorers/Cadets. I haven't gone yet but I sure can't wait. There you drill throughout the day. You go into groups for: search & rescue, hose patterns, ladders, etc. You even get to use the smoke house and fire simulators from what I was told.

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