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    Post Explorer Saftey Issue's

    Hi All MedixExplorer 364 here!!
    as a fellow Explorer I did some research
    well here is what you can and can not do!! for a first!!! PLEASE CONTINUE BELOW!!! If you need ANY more Info on what you can and Can't Do Please feel free to get a hold of Me

    medixExplorer@firehousemail.com Subject: Safety

    thanks for making Explorering a part of your life
    This is copyed off the offical explorer site

    Safety Issues
    There are some issues and hazards specific to Fire and Emergency Services Explorer programs that must be considered when organizing a post. These issues are fairly unique compared with other types of Explorer posts, being a direct result of the post's affiliation with the department and the potential for hazards.

    Before engaging in any training activity or direct operational activities with the department, Exploring and/or department officials should investigate the legalities of Explorers participating in such activities. Most states have child labor laws that define what minors under the age of 18 may and may not participate in. Even though the individual may not be an actual member or employee of the department, these regulations may still apply. The following is a general list of guidelines that should be used for the formation of a post Explorer safety policy.

    Explorers must be equipped with personal protective equipment that is appropriate for the activity being done.
    Explorers may not be substituted for trained personnel.
    Explorers may be mobilized only as a post, with required leadership. Explorers are not on call as individuals.
    Explorers who ride on apparatus or other department vehicles must be seated and must wear a seat belt.
    Explorers may not drive department vehicles.
    Explorers may not climb aerial ladders.
    Explorers may not climb ground ladders that exceed 35 feet in length.
    Explorers may not enter or perform ventilation procedures on a burning structure.
    Explorers may not use any dielectric tools or gloves on energized electrical equipment.
    Explorers may not operate powered hydraulic rescue tools or equipment.
    Explorers may not operate acetylene cutting torches.
    Explorers may not handle life nets.
    One issue that requires particular attention is what the Fire and Emergency Services Explorer will be allowed to do at the emergency scene. Many departments allow Explorers to respond on the apparatus with trained personnel. A solid policy must be established as to what the Explorer may and may not do once he or she arrives on the scene. This policy must fit with departmental regulations, Learning for Life regulations, and state laws. All of these issues should be resolved in the post bylaws before Fire and Emergency Services Explorer activities are begun. If you have any questions about the safety of an activity not listed above, contact your local Learning for Life office.


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    Ditto....... i'm just wondering......why? most of us know what we can and can't do but when somebody (firefighter, captain, Battalion Chief..) gives you an order, or a hoseline are you going to question him? I mean unless its outright illegal, i bet you would and jump on the line like a kid at christmas

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    Well if you CHIEF OR the ONE IN CHARGE TELL's you do do something YOU DO IT!!! NO IF'S AND'S OR BUT"S ABOUT IT

    Charles j Iverson
    Medix Ambulance Explorer post 835
    geahart fire

    Medix Explorer 364

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