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    Cool Explorer Muster

    My post is hoping to put on a fire muster for the explorer post in the KC area and I need a little bit of help coming up with some ideas for events. If you could help me it would be much appreciated.
    Josh McCray
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    Up in Syracuse, we dont have a "muster" but we do have quite a few times during the year when we get together. During the summer, we have an Fire Jr/Explorer Compitition which runs a whole day, we have a weekend of Fire Explorer Training which is taught by County Fire Instructors, and a couple other fun events, such as "Syracuse at Night, an event we organized last yr, in which, a bus load us explorers go around syracuse to different agencies "after hours" and do things such as laser tag, mall, etc!
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    Hey, some of the events we do in musters are: waterball, make an break, bucket brigade, and the hose cart. have fun!

    Jeff K.
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