Is anyone doing a terrorism drill for their explorers? Our post is hosting a 3 day (3 consectutive Saturday Mornings) for all area police, fire, and ambulance posts. This course will be taught by a Hazmat Representative from County Fire. The Representative volunteered to teach this course, which has been taught to some area fire depts, police, etc... and will be Free of Charge to all explorers. The three days will be seminars on different hazmat situations, etc, and he will be getting a hold of the equipment used in the situation. Has anyone else thought, or done this kind of drill? We're sending out letters soon and this will be offered in February, 2002 for posts in my county. Im already recieving word from different posts in my area expressing interest, and Im hoping that all of us fire, police, ambulance explorers can get together, learn whats goin on in the world today, how to be prepared, and have fun and meet new faces.

Are any of you guys doing this in your area....if so let us know how it went, if not, let us know if youre planning on it?

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