Beginning February, my dept. will begin a 4 month EMT-Itermediate class and after that (in June) an 8 month Paramedic class. After that we (Lumberton Fire Dept) will run as Paramedics. At this time, we run as 1st Responders at EMT-D level with one truck. The rest of our Engine Companies run basic. We work in conjunction with the county based Ambulance Service (they are Paramedic level). It is our hope after completion of Paramedic school to provide transport within the city limits. At this time, I have been tasked by our Asst. Chief in charge of EMS to get whatever information I can in regards to impact studies, cost analysis, and most importantly, how to win over a city council who don't really care about the Fire Dept. Rumor has it that they would like to have a Volunteer city dept.
At present, our dept. has 46 paid firefighters, and 7 staff officers serving a city populace of @ 22,000 people covering @17 sq. miles. We have 4 stations, with 2-3 personnel at each substation.
I really would appreciate any help in this matter. 12 of us volunteered for the EMT-I and P course. We believe in this and we really want this to work.