I'm sure Boston has a great fire department. There are some things that need to change to keep from wasting tax-payer money. But some things are necessary, even if the media doesn't think so. Remember the media doesn't know anything about firefighting or what it takes to run an efficient fire department. And perhaps the "experts" mentioned in the articles don't either. What makes them "experts"? I don't remember reading any of their qualifications. So I'm kind of reluctant to believe all that they say. I don't know nearly enough about BFD, but closing down fire houses in slow districts doesn't sound like a good idea to me. The article made comments about fire houses that needed to be closed down because they had only made so many fires in so many years. There is much more to the fire department than that. What about medical calls and false alarms in those districts? It also bugs me when the media comes into a firehouse and complains about firemen spread out on the couches and chairs sleeping. They must not realize that we work 24 hour shifts, and staying awake throughout the whole shift really isn't easy if you aren't working a call. Lots of firemen need that nap during the day, so that they can be more alert for their middle-of-the-night runs, when all the "hard working" people like our journalists are warm in bed asleep! But most importantly, lets make sure we have all the facts about BFD so we don't look down on them unnecessarily. Good luck in your fight against the media BFD. BE safe everybody.