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    Default Use of Forum to "Talk With" NFPA Technical Committee Members ??

    The NFPA Standards are developed and revised through input from many spources, including Firefighters. Our comments need to be somewhat formally submitted to the NFPA Technical Committees that work on the individual, numbered, NFPA Standards. The NFPA now allows comments via the web (click on this link)>> www.nfpa.org .

    I'd like to determine if there are Technical Committee members who read and participate in these Forum discussions. If there ARE Tech Comm members out there, are you willing and able (allowed to) discuss your committee's ideas, concerns, and proposals on this type of forum platform? If there is enough interest, we could probably get the WebTeam to start a special Forum to discuss NFPA standards with each particular standard being discussed having an individual Thread to keep things organized. To be meaningful we would need to have participation by one or more Committee Members.

    If you are an NFPA Comm Member, or know someone who is, jump in here and make a comment.

    Phred from Ohio

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    Was this an RBI (Really Bad Idea) or didn't anybody see this last year? Any thoughts?

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