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    I am looking for information on Depatments that utilize Paramedic Engine Companies. I am particularly interested in how staffing is organized and what local legislation or state regulation that allows this type of operation.

    Pros and cons - overtime issues - hidden costs, etc. are all helpful.


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    Our department has had ALS engines for some time now. Minimum staffing is 1 Paramedic. Almost everyone else in the department is at least EMT (I think only one or two (out of almost 200) are not EMS trained). Some cons included lots of travelling for the paramedics, which translates into headaches for both the crew (inconsistency of personnel), scheduling (a nightmare for the District Chiefs), and costs for the city (every unscheduled travel is $3 one way). Of course, if there are not sufficient paramedics on duty, even if we have more than the minimum (persons) for the units, overtime is called in. Obvious pros allow us to respond and manage ALS patients until the ambulance arrives.

    Not sure there is any state or local regulation that dictates this. Our department decided it was the best course of action for the citizens.

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