I am currently researching an article, and I am looking for input from firefighters around the globe. The topic is Fire Departments and Year 2000 readiness. If you would like to comment and send me an e-mail, I would greatly appreciate it. The basic information that I am looking for is:

1. Do you feel that there are potential problems that might hinder emergency response as a result of Y2K? Why?

2. How might communications be affected and what has been done to correct problems, if any?

3. What steps has the fire department taken to combat the problem of Y2K?

4. What plans has the fire department made for January 1, 2000? Extra staffing? Back-up systems? etc…

5. Will apparatus and stations operate on January 1, 2000?

6. Is the fire service ready?

7. Do you feel that Y2K has been over-hyped? Why?

Thank you for your time. Responses can be e-mailed to: JohnL@nlfire.com