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    Default Minotor III pagers

    Has anyone or any fire/rescue/ems departments had any problems with the Minotor III pagers? If so please let me know because my department, Ocean City V.F.C., is currently experiencing problems with them.

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    It seems like everyone is having some kind of problem with Minitor III's. Mine will not stay open when it it switched to the alert position and a tone activates it. The dealer
    says that it needs to be re-programed. By the way Big Brother Loves US.

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    Us too . We have had the same problems with three that we bought to try out. And what's worse is the fact that Motorola is not making Minitor II any more after June.

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    I purchased several Minitor III pagers for EMS/Rescue use right after they came out and had no significant problems other than normal wear and tear.

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