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    Thumbs down Strobe Buyers Beware!

    Thought this might be of intrest to purchasers considering strobe units. I have a Tomar 770-1228wp strobe power supply that is 7 years old and is inoperative. Called Tomar to check on a repair, was told unit is not serviceable and must be replaced. Tomar strobe power supplies have 5 year warranty in which the product is replaced. The service manager at Tomar said that 7 years was about the service life of there power supply and to replace it I would have to purchase another one at a cost of $279.00. I have several other brands of strobe power supplies that have long surpassed Tomars 7 year projected life of there product. Well you guessed it, I have decided not to replace with Tomar and will buy from the others that will provide customer service along with a dependable product..

    C. Petersen

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    Hmmm...I wondered why I'd never buy tomar strobes.

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    Thumbs down

    I am the department electrician in a paid department in NY. I have 4 tomar strobe lights mounted on the outriggers of our tower ladder. They have not worked properly or consistantly since the vehicle was purchased in 1994. Every other vehicle in the department uses Whelen strobes and power supplies with no difficulty. Tomar lighting is a TOTAL WASTE OF GOOD MONEY. I am currrently in the process of replacing every fixture made by Tomar including ground lighting on the undersides of our rigs.

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