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    Post Billing for rescue squad services

    I am looking for information from other departments on billing for rescue squad services.Being an EMS / Rescue department we bill for ems transports and the BOD is stalling on replacing our 1982 Mack heavy rescue due to the fact that the squad does not make any money.Any suggestions or copies or billing would be appreciated.


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    Howdy, We Currently Enterd a Agreement with a specilized billing organization, this organization bills Insurance Companys NOT people, we have turned in several Incident Reports with Insurance info and within months recieved over 2000.00 dollars, we bill for ALS/BLS med runs, However we do not Bill Medicare or Medicaid, The Company doing the billing gets 8% off the top and the rest comes to our Dept, One dept in our area recived over 10,000.00 for a Hazmat Response involving Molten Sulfer. We are waiting for more money to return off of other calls,It seems to work for us HOWEVER we had to do some public Education because people thought we were going to bill them directly..so far we have had no problems from insuranse companies or the general public and we are makeing money to boot.

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    All i can say is have your ducks in a row. We are in the process of introducing billing and our local government and residents had a bird ( they are still pulling feathers out of their throats). It is critical to let them know how it will benefit them..and that they understand that PEOPLE arent being billed..insurance is.

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