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    Post Vacation time off

    I have been ask by the chief to be on a commitee for restructering the dept's calendar on vacation time schedule. We are at a point, (the chief say's) that there is not enough days on the calendar to let every
    one have there time off. He want's us to look at the whole thing and come up with something to do about it. Please help me out here.
    How does your dept. handle time off. How does your dept. maintain minimum staffing and let those scheduled to be off get off. Vacation,
    Holiday, Sick, School time off can criple a shift. How do you come up whith ''Who can or cannot get the day off''? Thanks for any help
    that comes my way.

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    My dept has a sign-up period during the first two weeks of Jan. for the year. This is when we submit leave slips for year. Mostly for extended leave (i.e. 2 or more concecutive working days). After the cut off date it's first come first serve. When two week period is up the BC tallies the slips and leave is granted on a seniority basis. We allow two people off on annual leave per shift (15 on a shift, 14 minimum).
    Sick leave is dealt with when it occurs. They either voluntarily recall someone or if no one wants to work they hold someone over. Overtime is involved either way.
    Educational leave is dependent on whether it is required or not. If the boss wants you to go then they will recall (pay the O\T) and send you. If you wish to go to school then the chief evaluates the dept. needs, the leave situation for that time, and the budget, if he ok's it, no problem. If not then you are on your own, and you have to use your annual leave and hope that you can use it for the dates involved.
    Hope this helps. And good luck.


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    We do vacations in a similar way...usually in Oct-Nov we pick for the next year. (Our vacs are 3 shifts, we work 3 out of 5 then 4 off, etc) There are a max of 5 vac slots for each shift, we don't get to use the 5th slot until ALL calendar days for next year have 4 off; once we have filled the calendar, we go around again filling the 5th slot. Vacs are picked by seniority, those over 20yrs get 3 picks first time, everyone else gets 2...thereafter everyone gets 2 picks. BTW, we accrue vac hrs by pay periods and each person can "spend" as much as they want per yr, although we do have a 2 yr maximum accrual. (use it or lose it)
    We are also allowed to schedule 1 day vacs when/if you have maxed out your sick leave. (there's a max accrual there too) One days, also called accumulated sick leave, ASL, are picked 1st come basis after we're thru with the vac picks; 1 person is allowed off each shift on ASL.
    So...we have a max of 6 off each shift, 5 vac and an ASL. Our minimum manning is 41 (42?, not sure, just changed...) and we have 50 to 52 on each shift. Sick leave is dealt with on occurence...if we fall below minimum manning the BC works down a callback list to hire OT for that shift. Admin leave is granted for schools, NFA, etc. on an as needed basis...if it affects min manning then we get OT again.
    If this doesn't/didn't make sense (a real possibility ), feel free to email me and I'll try again!

    Good Luck!

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