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    Post 90 Degree rules for FD non-essential operations

    Does anyone out there have a written SOP in regard to non-essential operations (fire inspections, outside training/drills,)when the outside temperature is over 90 degrees F? I do know that FDNY and Yonkers, NY have a policy in place but do not have any of the documentation. Any help is welcome

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    WE HAVE WHAT IS CALLED CONDITION RED. ALL NON-ESSENTAIL OUT DOOR ACTIVITIES ARE canceled. no grass cutting,drills. only the first due engine puts there turn out gear on unless it is an obvious working fire.



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    I posted a responce to a similar question in the safety bulletin board check it out. If you need a copy of the written policy I can mail it to you.
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    The guideline to cease outdoor, non-airconditioned spaces optional work/training should be determined by a specific heat index, not temperature. 90 degrees in AZ at 20% humidity does not have the effect on the body that 90 degrees at 90% humidity in FL. has on the body.

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