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    I was approached by my Chief tonight and given the assignment to develop a contingency plan of sorts for December 31st and the change to the year 2000. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has developed such a plan, and if so are is there any advice you can give. We are a combination department, rural and suburban.


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    Our dept. (suburban D.C.) Has decided to cancel leave for period from Dec 30 - Jan 5. They are also increasing staffing, normally 3 on supression units/ 2 on EMS units, to 4 and 3 respectively. They are going to do this through manditory overtime.
    They also have a plan for roving watches if there are wide spread phone/power/water outages. They are also looking into stocking up on food and drinking water. We are goning to have our fuel depot filled just prior to the end of the year, as well as having a back up plan in case something goes wrong with it.
    The city is establishig an emergency operations center as if it were a natural disaster. All of our city dept. heads will be there. We have a city wide disaster plan and the specifics are in that.
    We are still fine tuning exactly what we will be doing but that's the gist of it. Hopefully this will all be for nothing. Hope this helps you. Good luck and be safe.


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