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    Question Company officer promotional preparation

    I am writing a thesis for my bachelors degree on company officer promotional preparation. I am interested in information that anyone has on what they do to prepare their firefighters not only for the technical part of being a company officer, but the personnel management, organizational values, and ethics part of leadership. I would like informaiton beyond what you require regarding formal education. My department requires an Assocciates degree in a fire related curriculum to be a company officer. I am looking for the "internal" things that FDs our doing to prepare promising FFs for the ranks of company officers. Thanks


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    Our requirements go like this:
    ...to be eligible to test...Master FF certificate (time, experience and training/college hrs), Assoc. degree (education) and Officer Developement Course, which is "Making a Difference" as offered by the NFA. (It covers management, ethics, etc.)

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