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    Question motorola keynote pagers

    Does anyone use or ever have used the motorola keynote pager with the monitor option. They are sometimes advertised on this site. If so please let me know how they work and if you recommend them. Thanks

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    Yeah the Keynotes were pretty good.....Small / Powerful / loud - It's a shame they're out of production.

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    i have to say i disagree. we had some of the old motorola key notes and they were about usless. they only worked in certain areas and sometimes you only heard the tone no voice. these are just my two cents. i really like the motorola monitor 2.
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    We did not particularly like our Keynotes either. And the lack of available replacements and parts was the final death blow.

    The small size was nice, but they were just too fragile. Too many were destroyed after dropping them in the snow (for a while), or other simple abuse.

    Our minitors (IV's and V's) are not perfect, but we like the features, and they are more robust.
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