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Thread: Dry vs. Wet

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    Question Dry vs. Wet

    Dry pump or wet pump under 32F? What problems have you had?

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    In INDY we keep our pumps wet all year around. We have had problems in the past with small amounts of water freezing,and damage occuring while the pumps are drained. I don't know of any freezing problems while the pumps are full. If we are on a long stand then we circulate the water in the pumps.

    Be Safe...

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    Same here.... keep em wet. It takes a long time to freeze the large volume of water in the pump, by then you can be onscene and recirculating the water.

    With the pump drained the small amounts of water left freeze very quickly.

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    Here in South Carolina, we don't get very much really cold weather; however, there are those amongst us southern folks who believe any and all pumps must be drained to prevent damage if the temp is 32 or less. For a couple of reasons, I prefer to leave my pump wet. First, we cover 12.5 square miles with 2 stations and it only takes a few minutes to get where we're going, definitely not enough time to freeze a pump. Second, I believe in Murphy's law and I am occasionally visited by him. I prefer not to put another step into getting water into my pump (you never know if Murphy will stop by for a visit and the primer fails!). If you are on scene for any length of time, circulate some water. The booster tank holds lots of relatively warm water. For the record, the only pump I've ever experienced a freeze up on was a front mount!

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    Try posting this on the Engineer's Forum.
    Most Engineers don't read this forum. I happened to see your post only by surfing.

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    I am from a community of 70000 in Alberta Canada. During the winter it gets COLD, however we leave our pumps wet for the same reasons already mentioned here. The other thing we do is use automotive antifreeze on the inlet and outlet ports to avoid them freezing.

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    Thanks DD!

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