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    Post Public Information policies

    We are in the process of developing an SOP on the way that we handle public information in our department. Currently we have no policy. I would be interested in looking at other department's policies who would be interested in sharing them with us. We are developing a policy which would identify the role of the PIO, which we have had but have no written guidelines for the function, and what type/how information is released. Also the policy will provide guidelines for the IC to serve as PIO, realizing that most ICs do not have any formal training in working with the media. Would also like to hear any positive/negative comments/lessons learned on media relations so that our policy can take those into account.

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    Check at http://www.cfdonline.org

    look in left hand column and go under SOP's they have all their SOP's online.

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    Are you sure you have the right URL? The link goes to an organization that provides church loans.

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    Good move to develop a policy. The news media will create the news on their own if they cannot get it from an official source.

    Our Dept. operates in the Philadelphia Market. There are 5 TV News shows, a major paper and several smaller papers. The competition to be first with a story is extreme.

    The FD must provide timely, correct info, or misinformation will be put out about the FD.

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    I agree, taken the time to develope a policy now is thebest idea.

    The only adive I would offer is; do not be afraid or intimidated by the media. Once you begin working with them, they can be one of your greatest allies.

    Try to learn who the locate reports are, or which editor (print) or producer (TV / Radio) handles your jurisdiction and meet with them ahead of time (before the incident).

    The PEIR (Public Education, Information, and Relations) manual that is distributed by the NFA is an excellant resourse and also has some sample SOPs.

    A most important if you are doing an interview that is being taped, don't be afraid to take your time and think out your answer, they will edit out your pauses, they do not like dead air.

    Remember the media can be your best friend or your worst enemy... the choice is yours.

    Bruce Chew, FF/EMT-P

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    Red face

    ltphillips had a little typo - here's the correct URL...

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