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    Question Purchasing an Aerial

    Small department (21 members) serving rural community (82.5 sq mi.) and small city of 3400. Currently a 32 year old 75' AmerLaFrance stick which can't be certified and is out of service. Trying to convince new city council of need to buy new 100' ladder tower. We've been awarded a $300,000 grant and are trying to get the city to fund the remaining $300,000. Meeting lots of resistance. Current ISO rating is a 7 and was given when the truck was servicable. Old river town with 35+ buildings in town 3 stories or higher or 35+ feet tall. Looking for positive arguments to convince citizen council. Nothing has been done toward improving equipment in fire department for 13 years. New chief interested in looking out for the future. Looking for suggestions.

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    just a couple of thoughts. 1. find out what your ISO rating will be if you dont have a truck equal to or exceeding what you currently have. 2. is your use ratio on this type of unit small enough that you might have to combine it with an engine and make it a quint concept to have viability in the eyes of the powers that be. 3. do any of the powers that be live in any of those buildings that are out of reach with what you ahve available at this point in time. 4. what is the realistic available response time of the nearest truck to mutual aid. If it is more than 10 minutes then life safety ffactor just went out the door. Hope these help.

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    When purchasing any piece of apparatus, you must think carefully about what you intend to do with it. Where will it be used, can it go where it can do its mission, do you really need all the bells and whistles, and last but not least, will it fit in your house. Additionally, there are some great lease purchase programs out there that will make the 300K investment a bit more palatable.
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    Also, where in the name of Dennis Smith did you come up with 300K in grant money???????

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