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    Question Budget for Public education

    What amount do your departments or city councils allow for Public education in your budgets. My department has never budgeted this item until this year I convinced them to listen. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank Kelly

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    Get all you can, I had some money 2 yrs ago
    but the well went dry, now I have to scrape alittle where ever I can. Figure what you need and then add 10% maybe you'll pull the original dollar figure. Then look at every Grant you can find. Write for each one and if you don't get the grant write back and politely ask why you didn't get it, then correct the mistake. This year I have NO budget, and don't see one anytime soon. Good Luck!! Contact me via e-mail I'll talk more!

    P.W. Duffy
    Captain, Fire Prevention
    Fire Emergency Services
    Ft. Bragg,NC

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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    In the past three years, our Chief has budgeted an average of $3500 per fiscal year for public fire education. This funding pays for fire prevention week activities and for fire safety related handout materials.

    Another source of public fire education funding has been grants from the Student Awareness of Fire Education program, which allows fire departments to put specially trained firefighters in the classroom setting to teach fire safety. The SAFE program is a joint venture between the Massachusetts Department of Health and the Office of the State Fire Marshall/Executive Office of Public Safety, who oversees the grants. There are 225 fire departments in Massachusetts taking part in the SAFE program. It is funded from the State's tax on tobacco products. This year my Department got $5400 for the SAFE program.

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    Chief Taylor
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    I had about $1500.00 for public Education materials which include the FPW activites and handouts.

    I am going for about $2000.00-3000.00 this year for education as I get more help from my people to get more involved with it.

    There has been a tremedous amount of free education materials that I have recieved simply for the asking through the FEMA web site.

    I use the local newspapers a lot for getting out safety messages and will be putting together a welcome Fire Prevention kit for new residents to our communtiy this year.

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