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    Pat Judge Guest

    Question Promotion

    Does any department have policies on how much experiance a FF should have prior to appointment to Lt. position. Our dept. just appointed an individual to LT. ( line officer) who has been whith the dept. for 2 1/2 years with no previous experience or exposure to the fire service. He holds no certifications or Lic.s. . His qualifications seem to be he was the best who applied!

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    pvfr fyrfyter Guest


    Your last line seems to say it all. "he was the best qualified of those that applied." If there are ill feelings about this by some, examine their motives as to why they are having them.

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    Lt.Todd Guest

    Thumbs down

    In Atlanta you have to have 5 years.Its really not enough.I've been here for 12 years and the fire service 17 and I still have alot to learn.
    21/2 years is no where enough time to be in charge of a fire ground.

    Be carefull and smart.

    Lt.Todd Edwards

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    Lieutenant Gonzo Guest


    Experience is a necessity, and so is common sense. What was the criteria used in making the selection for promotion? I know that your Department was looking for a new Chief (I saw the ads in the professional help section of the Boston Globe). Was this appointment done by an acting Chief or the previous Chief?

    My Department is a career department and Civil Service. You have to have 5 years on the job before you can take a promotion to Lieutenant. After that, you have to have a full year in grade to take the exams for the ascending ranks. Many firefighters take the exam to see what it is like, even though they aren't elegible for promotion.

    Take care and stay safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    E20T24R28 Guest


    I Agree 21/2 Years Is Not Enough.
    By That Time I Was Still Learning The Trucks!
    I Was a FF For About 8 Years Before I
    Was Promoted To LT.

    Lt. Walther

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    Jeffrey P Smith Guest


    I would agree that there is no replacement for on-the-job training but also know that different people learn and comprehend things at different levels and rates. Without knowing all the details it is hard to make many comments on the situation. I will say that this whole idea of promoting someone just because they have more experience or have been on the job longer is ridiculous. Experience after all has nothing to do with time served.

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