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    Post Apparatus placement at MVA's

    I need some SOP's on apparatus placement at MVA's..... Your help is greatly appreciated
    Thank You, Mac

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    Position the apparatus to best protect the emergency workers at the scene. After they are done - please open the road as soon as possible - the public appreciates that.

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    Benson is correct, position to protect your people and secondarily be mindfull of traffic flow. Most of the time you want to place the apparatus uphill from the wreck, this avoids fluids, water and foam from running under your equipment and making it slippery and possibly igniting. When we respond on the parkways/expressways we only bring the appartus we absolutely need, the other pieces will stage on the entrace ramp. Talk to the police agencies you work with also. Let them know how you feel, what your ideas are and so on. If you work with them from the start it will be easier when you need their assistance with traffic, shutting a lane or even an entire road. Also look at your road layouts, if you big open expressways with big shoulders most of your apparatus could be off to the side or traffic can be diverted to the shoulder if the wreck in a traffic lane. On narrow and/or curvy roads you may have to position another piece of apparatus far side of the curve so other motorists have plenty of warning and don't come blasting through your accident scene. We are lucky to have a town with a number of ways to get from A to B. So, we usually have no problem just shutting down the road and putting the apparatus wherever it makes sense taking into consideration the need to get ambulances, tow trucks and police vehicles in and out of the scene.

    Good Luck

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    YES protect the scene with apparatus placement unless the police have Already done it! Especially after dark.

    If you're on an incline,special situations require adaptation, place the pieces above the vehicles or take precautions to protect the apparatus that must be placed below it.

    An observent firefighter with dikeing materials and the usual charged hand is a good idea.

    Remember KISS!

    Good Luck and be careful out there,EXJAKE:-)

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