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    Post Regional Fire Services

    I am the Public Safety Coordinator at a Council of Governments in Connecticut. A question recently came up regarding larger municipalities contracting out their fire/EMS services to smaller surrounding towns. I am looking for insight/examples on this subject. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    HUH? What county are you talking about?
    Regionalization is a good thing but the current system in CT doesn't really allow for such broad band action. I think taxpayers in individual communities might have a problem sending departments designated for their protectection to surrounding communities. Likewise I would have to caution about the possible ramafications to smaller communities loosing their established departments. this would arrise due to taxation. Smaller communities cutting their fire protection to rely soleley on a municipal paid department could cause problems. A county wide system would be possible if the system reverted to county control as opposed to municipal control. But you would be talking about starting essentialy a couny fire department. BIG BUCKS! Is that really an achievable goal?

    Alex Capezza BS, FO1, EMT-I

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