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    Question Dispute in PA, Support the Firefighters!

    Hello Brother Firefighters!

    Members of the Donora Fire Company are locked in a dispute with their local council over a long-running lack of support. The situation recently came to a head when council threatened suspension of Chief Dennis Shawley over use of a rescue boat and about 10 members of the department turned in their pagers, saying they were taking a 30-day "vacation". Read about the dispute at http://www.firehouse.com/news/2000/6/14_strike.html and send your support to shawley@westol.com

    All letters of support will be forwarded to our borough council members.

    Thanks for your support and stay safe!

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    Please don't call me "Brother"

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    How do you justify penalizing the people you serve over a dispute with your council? Sounds like you'll lose the support of the public next.

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    Brian Dunlap
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    I agree with Halligan 84...I also disagree with the Donora Guys just walking out....Walking out on your citizens, Families, friends ?...IDIOTS !! By doing that your Council and possibly the community will never trust you or worse yet support you ever again....We all provide Customer Service to our residents...And what happens when we let a customer down ?....They find another business to go to....Where am I going with this ?....Donora may need Career Firefighters to fill the ranks....and when and if this happens Donora will again complain they are being pushed out....There are other ways I'm sure that Donora could have traveled to seek restitution on this issue but the "I'm taking my ball and going home" attitude is with out a doubt in my opinion LAME !!

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    Geez folks you know that the council is gonna use this against you later. And if their anythink like the people our chief answers to they'll use it to bash the department in the press. You can't mess around with stuff like this. These are the things that stick in the publics head come budget time. Bad move. Sorry

    Alex C.

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