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    Post Promotional Systems

    I'm looking for information on promotional systems for company officer. We are currently using 50% written and 50% assesment center. We would like to add another component that we (labor & management) feel is critical, and that's evaluating candidates on how they do on a day to day basis. Not just their ability to study and take a written test and perform for an assesment center. The problem we face is how to set this process up lagisticly. We are a 160 man department that provides fire and EMS with 6 stations, 5 engines, 2 ladders, 5 rescues (transport units), 1 EMS officer and 1 battalion cheif. Soon all our units will be ALS. Our staffing is 3 on all engine, ladder and rescues with a Lt. on each rescue and a Capt. or Lt. on each engine and ladder. Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Kevin Green/WPBFD

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    Some ideas would be:


    Meritorious acts/awards

    Station activity. ( we called it work/run index (WRI) a simple equation of the amount of work performed, by a company, on average.)

    Currently my department weighs a test at 40% and seniority and awards at 60%.
    However, the seniority and awards are not counted unless the test scores are above a given number.

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