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    Post Summer Heat Emergency PLan

    Does anyone have a Heat Emergency Plan that their city/township/village may
    have? I am looking at putting together a plan but would like to see one that is already in place for some guidelines for content.
    Thank you

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    Brian Dunlap
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    Try these Steps ....

    1.} Upon getting confirmation that you have a working fire or an incident of substancial nature call in a second-alarm for additional manpower...The more fresh and rested members you have the better..

    2. } Carry water jugs on your trucks...We do although the water is not always ice cold and sometimes tastes like the compartment it is stored in it's wet and sometimes helps

    3. } I Recommend having EMS Dispatched on all incidents at least for the Hot Months if you don't already....They carry or at least should carry towels that can be placed in cold water and given out to the firefighters

    4. } Establish a "Re-Hab" Sector as part of your Incident Command and designate a Re Hab officer upon arrival so that needed items for re-hab can be obtained...Ie: Water, Gatorade, Towels and EMS Personnel for Vital Signs Monitoring

    5. } Most Importantly know your own individual limitations don't over do it !! When you "Blow" your first bottle take 5 and get a drink or a smoke {I prefer both} and relax...Get refreshed and then go back to work....Have the officer in charge of re-hab rotate the staff so that he/she knows who is fresh and who is spent

    ****STAY SAFE AND STAY COOL !!***********

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