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    Question Apperatus 10-55

    What, in your opinion, should be the punishment for the driver involved in an Apperatus 10-55? Whether it be the driver's fault or not.

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    What's a 10-55? MVC, Hit and run, ped. vs vehicle?

    I'll just assume 10-55 is an accident, (by us it's a 10-50)

    Suspention of driving privalages for the rest of the shift and one more day, indipendent of fault. This gives the driver some cool off time and fault can be determined.

    If it wasn't the engineers fault then he can return to driving.

    If the engineer was at fault additional punishment would depend on circumstances. A day off would be the starting point and punishment could go all the way to formal charges or termination.

    Some examples would be: An engineer is at a bar a call comes in and he is involved in an accident, An agressive stance by the department may limit their liability. If the FF is full time he should be offered assistance ONCE, Part time or vol should have driving privalages removed permanently and depending on record, terminated.

    A driver misjudged a parking lot space and hit a car. Suspention, one day, and driver reeducation prior to letting him drive again.

    Basically if the drver commited an act of poor judgement he should be treated different than someone who is willfully neglegent in his duties as a driver.

    Emergency driving puts a department in a position of high liability, If you would ask you insurance carrier they would like it if you never ran hot(from a liability standpoint) but that's not possible.

    Also on a side note consider implementing a non- emergency responce policy for some runs, Is a CO call without illness an emergency? How would it look if a rig struck a minivan full of kids and someone died while going to a malfunctioning CO detector?

    Hope that helped Stay Safe

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