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    Exclamation Need some public promotion ideas

    I have been put in the position to start getting health information and promote our ambulance service to the community.
    We attend almost all community events and no mention is made to the public that we are even there (yes, we have the rig)!
    We have many youth events and visit schools promoting first aid and general discussion, nothing really in the way of encouraging interest or activity in health care.
    Does anyone have any ideas for youth/public promotions?

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    Our department has found that we get the best media coverage when we put together a event/fundraiser for a worthy cause. Recently we held a fundraiser for a kid who needed medical equipment. The media were all over the event before, during and after. We took the chance to do public education along with the fundraising. Sure did everybody a world of good. Try it. Be sure to use press releases.

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    I don't know how big the city you live in is, but if it's small and no clinics, hospitals, etc. nearby you might try a health screening day. Such as do blood pressure checks, diabetes etc. You could also contact your lions club for vision checks, and your blood mobile, and work in conjunction with them and others on a "healthy day".

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    Our hospital has been using the NFPA's Risk Watch program, which, if you are not familiar with it, cover the eight areas that kill and injure the most children every year. It's set up to be a K-8 grade curriculum, where the teachers do the actual teaching and is supplemented by resource people in the community (ambulance services, fire depts, pharmacies, game wardens, police/sheriff, etc). Believe me, when you go in to the schools, the parents hear all about it from their kids!

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