Chesterfield County (VA) Fire and EMS is seeking to identify departments who are currently or in the past have surveyed constituents and customers on the value of the services that their organization provides.

To clarify, we are not seeking post service customer surveys (i.e. we ran your grandfather as a EMS call last week - how did we do?). What we are interested in is departments that have conducted some type of polling on the services (Suppression, EMS, HazMat, Plans Review, Inspections, etc.) that are provided to the community at large and of what value they are to that community.

If anyone viewing this knows of or has participated in such an effort we would appreciate some feedback so we may contact a person within those organizations for follow up.

Send comments and replies to Phone replies are also welcome.

Thanks for your interest and help

Lt. Rick Edinger
Research and Planning / Special Projects Coordinator
Chesterfield County Fire and EMS
Chesterfield, VA.
(804) 748-1821