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    Question TELESTAFF... Advice/info needed

    Our department is looking at a computer program called TELESTAFF to do the daily staffing. Does anyone have experience with this program? What do you like/dislike. If possible include size of dept., how long you've used it and if we may contact you.

    Thanks, Reno firefighters local 731

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    I havn't used the TELSTAFF system, but I've looked at their demo software. We do a lot of 24 hour recall here and it is something I also would like to here about it from firsthand users. I understand it is configurable to your department's needs and routines. It is a proprietary system that requires dedicated hardware.

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    Any new info on Telestaff?

    I am heading up a project to implement computer staffing (right now we use paper) for scheduling.

    We use Firehouse for NFIRS and are considering using it for scheduling.

    Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated!

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    We us it. Can't comment on it from an Admin side, but it works well on the Field side. I know we also use it to staff our FPB, Training and other support divisions, along with the suppression battalions.

    I'm sure if you contacted our Admin, they'd be more than happy to put you in touch with someone in the Dept. who could better answer your questions.

    Sacramento Metro Fire Dept., Sac CA.
    (916) 566-4000

    (FYI- 42 stations in 6 battalions, over 800 suppression personnel)

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    Default Telestaff

    We have been using Telestaff for several years. Personnel like it and, from my experience, the support is great. Seems to be easy to customize to your own needs and wants. Data transfer to our RMS and the City's accounting software is great. If you are interested, I can put you in touch with our project leader.

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    We have had it for about a year now. What a difference it has made, we all like it. We only have about 60 line personnel. My LT went to Calif. for the tech aspesct of it and was there with someone from Houston Fire Dept. (TX). Maybe someone from there will chime in.

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