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    Question Fire Gear Orders

    Through the past few years when our department has ordered new gear the company rep. would give us a time frame to recieve our gear but we usualy end up waiting up to 6 or 7 months. I was wondering if this is normal or if were getting the run around. We've tried Janesville, Fire Gear, Globe, morning pride. They all seem the same as far as shipping.

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    That sure doesn't sound right to me - we usually get immediate delivery - but, then, we don't order many sets at a time. But, I can't believe they'd take that long even if ordering for a large dept.!!

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    Unless you are a large department which demands the manufacturer keep a supply of your gear on hand, or your large gear orders take priority, you will wait up to 6 months for your gear. If you're getting it earlier, you're ordering "off-the-shelf" stuff which isn't necessarily bad, just not custom built to your dept's spec's.

    Every manufacturer has different programs, find one who will stock your style of gear, or get a style of gear they keep in stock. In other words, spec your gear just like FDNY and get Morning Pride shipped a lot quicker.

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