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    Harry Rountree
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    Question Is there a nationally recognized standard for the cost of an emergency response?

    Our call volume has increased significantly and I am trying to determine if someone has identified how much it costs to respond a pumper, tanker, aerial etc.. manpower etc.. I know that each department figures are probably different, but I was wondering if a nationally recognized amount has been identified.( ICHIEFS, IAFF, NFPA etc..) Thanks

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    I have researched numerous FDs across the country with respect to budgets, staffing, etc.
    Not sure exactly what you are looking for, but here is some general information from the data I have.
    The cost to operate an engine or truck varies by staffing and also is impacted by the size of the dept. Looking at the data I have, 3-man staffing is in the $1.4 to low $2 millions per year per engine or truck. 4-man staffing takes you into the mid $2 millions and 5 pushes upper $2 millions.

    This is a general view of the data. FD size, whether EMS is provided, etc. can impact the cost to operate an engine or a truck. There are also some regional differences as well.

    You may be looking at how much it costs to send a engine/truck on each call. I haven't looked at the data this way, but it could be done. I just did a quick calc for one department - $2,237/call. This is a large urban department- all paid staff.
    I hope this helps.

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