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    Question Internet access in the fire station

    I originally posted this under computers but am looking for more response, especially from management level personnel.

    I was wondering how other departments handle internet access in their station. Do you allow unlimited access? Limited access? Senior personnel only? Officers only? Who governs the use of the internet? If you allow internet access, what rules, if any, apply?


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    We have unlimited access to the internet here. But we are on a major network where all computers are connected together and you have to login to use any portion or program of the computer. So the user name can be tracked along with the times it was accessed. Even if you were to surf some non-necessary sites and cleaned out the temp. internet files, they still exist somewhere. You may successfully look at a bad site and no one may catch it right away but eventually someone(ITS) will have a need to check that computer or file for some reason and there it will be!

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    Our Chief and Fire Marshal have access, no one else does.

    We have a modem on our computer in our union office. You can log into AOL or another free dial-up there, but that's the union's property, not the city's.

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    We allow unlimited access on the honor system. If we have unsuitable information surfed or items downloaded that will stop. It is monitored on a regular basis by our tech person. We think it's important for training information, but it's also required for transmitting our daily reports.

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    All of our staff personnel have 24 access through T-1 line. Some of our stations have access through station purchased computers, and IPs. We have had a request by the firefighters to have Internet access. Since we are using Windows NT, and all users have to log on, maybe we will look at giving them access. This issue is up to the chief.

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    The internet is a tool just like a nozzle or axe, someone will find a incorrect way to use it. But most fire fighters will stop activity that they get not attention for. It has been our experience that:
    1. most personnel use it for work related surfing during duty hours, and personal surfing in the evening.
    2. There has been some inaproprate material hoever we found that if it was made know that this was not to be tolerated and sogs sent out to outline what allowed use was then we have not had a problem.
    3. If you are a company officer don't be bashful about looking over the shoulder of your surfers from time to time just to let them see you are concerned about what is allowed at the station.
    4. If there is mutual respect the trash will police itself.
    But the internet is a valuable tool to our department and we are about to upgrade to wireless for better access.

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    We have unlimited access at our station.
    However, if an officer needs to be on the computer, naturally others must give way.

    The way we are set up, the internet isn`t monitored at all. No guidelines have been established for using the internet, but the guys usually don`t get out of hand with it.

    Mainly the internet here is used for
    NFIRS system (incident forms)

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