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    Question Supervisor Meetings?

    Just wondered if there are any departments that have regular supervisor or officer meetings on the suppression level? The types of meetings I am refering to are positive, guided, roundtable discussions that serve to motivate supervisors and increase communication and participation. These are not committees or complaint sessions, rather, an environment to inspire and motivate leaders. If you do have these meetings, what are your results, and what parameters (if any) do you have for these meetings? Thanks!

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    Our Dept has a weekly staff meeting which consists of the Captains, Cheif officers and the Cheif himself.
    The captains meet first to discuss truck check out sheet and anythings that need addressing on that and then discuss an other issues brought to them by line staff. We then bring this information to the cheif officers and they add their information such as scheduled training, new policies, things on a larger scale, and then the cheif meets with us all to give us his veiws and desires.
    I cant realy say that it is a motavation type thing but it puts everyone onto the same page as to the going ons within our dept. I think itis helpful but I would sure like to have more motavational type information passed along within that type of setting.
    hope this helps
    Cap Tom

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    We hold a monthly team meeting (includes all ranks Lt through Chief). The meeting allows us to discuss current issues, review new policies, approve purchases, and recently have also added a short training session.

    Open dialog is strongly encouraged as long as it stays positive and constructive.

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