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    Question Driver's Training Guidelines

    I have been part of many discussions in the recent past in regards to our driver training policy. It seems that there is an issue among some of my fellow officers as to who is qualified and who is not qualified to train our firefighters in the safe operation of our apparatus. The town I work in has a population of approx 10,000 people, with the summer population closer to 15,000 on any given weekend. Our department, like many others across the country is slowly declining in numbers and less experienced, younger personnell are moving up the ladder to company officer positions. (I have my own opinions on that topic, however thats a long story.) Back to my original thought. . . What are some of your guidelines in respect to this heated debate? Who should be allowed to train the newer personnell? Do you think there should be an age limit? I can send a copy of our guideline if you have time to look at them and maybe make suggestions.

    Capt. Larry Hodgkins
    Standish Fire Department

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    Larry, I would first consult your insurance carrier. What is the minimum age for engineers? I started in the fire service in a community north of Binghamton, NY as volunteer at age 16. I got the by-laws changed to allow prepatory firefighters to drive the pumpers at 17 provided they had completed drivers ed. in high school and had a standard drivers license. After I went into the service the department's insurance company found out they had operators under 21 driving the rigs and had a fit. Back to 21. I'm a career Chief Fire Officer in Beaufort, SC (21 years) and our minimum age is 18. Two senarios can happen; 1) Obtain a license to drive single unit non-commercial trucks over 26K GVWR or 2)using a standard drivers license, complete the SC Fire Academy's EVDT course and have the Fire Chief or Trng. Officer sign off and obtain a fire truck endorsement to the license. The later puts the liability on the FD. Hope this helps. AC Jim Colwell


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