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    Tim Soule
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    Question financing a new station?

    Looking for ideas on how to creatively finance a new stationwithout going to the taxpayers...grants, low interest loans, etc...thanks

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    Hi Tim--

    Check out http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/rhs/cf/cf.htm

    It's the USDA Community Facilities Loans & Grants program. It's federal, so be prepared for paperwork, but it's a good deal.

    Kentucky has a low-interest loan through the state fire commission. You can make the payments out of your state aid check. See if MT has such a beast.

    Good luck!

    Lt. Brian Jeffiers, EMT-B
    W.R. Castle Fire & Rescue
    Wittensville, KY, USA

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    Grants are in many cases going to be closely tied to your communitys economic rating. For example Tiffin, IA is not able to get a USDA grant, but rather could possibly qualify for a lower interest loan or a guaranteed loan.

    Try tieing the fire station to some other community project that may broaden you grant pool size and your increase community support. Here in Iowa CDBG grants are more readily available for those type of projects. Perhaps the city needs a new city hall, can the back up generator on the new sewer plant be large enough (and close enough, whowee) to be tied to the FD. How about a library annex? A community center that doubles as a training room/meeting room.

    These approaches will definitely require more 'politiking' but may be worth it.

    Email if you would like to visit any more


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