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    Default NFPA standards & liability?

    Does anyone on the list have first hand knowledge of a town or fire department that was held liable in court for not following a voluntary NFPA standard? I am interested in NFPA standards that have not been adopted as law (such as the Life Safety Code).

    Many instructors, myself included, have used the example of a department losing a civil case because it did not follow a standard. While I occasionally have heard of departments being sued due to an injury or property loss with the plantiff stating that NFPA XXXX was not followed, I have not heard of any outcomes.

    I need to find actual cases-not something that a friend of a friend heard about a department across the state.

    No intention of starting a debate over voluntary consensus standards here. While I do have some personal reservations on some NFPA standards, I think the process works and has lead to positive change in the fire service and life safety. Just looking to see
    how the courts have interpreted NFPA standards and used them in case law.
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